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Secrets for Travel Survival, published in November, 2009, Morgan-James Publishing.  In this,  I take the reader/traveler along with me on international investigations, giving advice and tips about travel, salted with actual crimes investigated. Contact me to buy your personally autogaphed copy!  Also available:  a multi-disc audio book…ask me !

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How to Be an Investigator: A Real Life Look Look at a Career of Intrigue, Excitement and Profitability, published as an e book, July of 2011, this 199 page (8.5 x 11) book details years of experience and know-how, challenging and tempting the reader to consider a career as an investigator.


How to Find Anything or Anyone Easily, published in July, 2011, this e book provides the interested reader of professional with “a ton” of resources, little considered or not known, providing quick and accurate information and answers.  “Tips of the trade” from my decades of investigative experience.  This 42 page book is power-packed!



Shooting Guns:  No More Mystery, published as an e book in July, 2011, this volume is a very basic but accurate description of firearms and their ammunition, that dispels myths and frequently misunderstood information about semi-automatic pistols, revolvers, and some about rifles and shotguns.  For the beginner? Yes, but also provides “expert” information.  36 pages, with illustrations and photos.



  Everything Ship Shape:  Insider Secrets for Cruise speaking

    As a speaker (see “Speaking” section) I recently was a featured sepeaker on a Celebrity Caribbean cruise.  What a blast!  It was so enjoyable that I decided to share some of the “insider” scoop about my experience.   Inquire directly to me to obtain a copy of this one-of-a-kind e book !

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