Business Liaison

Focusing primarily on foreign business liaison, governmental and political networking and intermediating.


Criminal:      •White Collar Insurance   • Fraud Employee    •Theft     •Extortion    • Bribes   •Arsons     •  RICO     •Computer & Cyber    •  General Criminal defense                                                                                                              

Civil:        • Product Liability        •White Collar    •Professional Liability         •Insurance Fraud  • Construction/Labor        •Employee Theft   •Vehicle Collision      •Slip and Fall   •Theft     •Toxic Tort    • Bribes, kickbacks    •Government Entity    •Public Utility    • Adoption                          

Security Consulting:    • Physical plant and home inspection and analysis   •Vulnerability Assessment   •Identification of Security Options •Selection of Security Measures     •Implementation of systems and equipment               

Background and Due Diligence:       • Executive Personnel screening   •Pre-employment screening   • Polygraph     •Mergers, Acquisitions, Ventures 

Techniques Employed:  •Statements, written, oral, formal, recorded—video, audio   •   Surveillance, video, photo, audio   •  Background record search  • Profile development    •  Service of Process   •  Criminal, civil records, all government levels    •  National and international contacts and networking  

References provided selectively, upon request


English and Spanish


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